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First Post

so, it’s 8pm on a Thursday night. I’m watching some documentary on an serial killer and I’m waiting for a message back from this guy.

Im 22 years old, I’ve been recently dumped. A three year relationship ended.. and I’ve been coping the only way I know. Sex, sex and more sex. I’m terrified of falling in love again. I’ve been single since early February and I’ve been pretty much sucked into the world of internet dating. I’ve been on pof and tinder and I’ve realised they’re so many utter knobheads. I met one lad, who wanted a date on Valentine’s Day, came to my house, brought me chocolates, super cute. Next thing i know I’ve got his dick in my mouth. The rest of the date went well, that night I get a message “good at blow jobs, just not my type.” I felt used. On to the next one I thought. The next guy I met, he was sweet, young, inexperienced and I’m pretty sure he was autistic. I met him three times, he messaged me 24/7, was immature, in a band and complained that his family was taking him on holiday to Florida! I’d sell my whole family just to go to Florida. Now many people know when you’re online dating there’s always someone better, and I wasn’t into him. I didn’t even message him back, I ghosted him, because I’m a coward and he deserved better than me. The next guy I met, well before I got with my ex, I met him online and we’ve talked on and off the past few years, well I say talk, I post a bangin’ selfie and he comment “😍😍😍😍” we also have had a bit of sexting and sharing fantasies and all that fun stuff, nothing ever happened with him because I was with my ex, now I was single, I was all for it. This guy is a fancy lawyer, on call at odd hours, pretty much perfect for me. The date went well sharing fun stories, having a laugh and a fantastic make out session in the car park, got back home shared some fun photos and went into depth of what was going to happen next time we met. You see everything about this guy is great, except he has a girlfriend. Now as someone who’s been cheated on I should be appalled at him and myself and should admit the truth, but the thought that this was so wrong made it so much hotter. We booked days off and day rooms in hotels. Casual sex is hard when you both live at home. I was glowing. Even now when he messages (we use snapchat chat…) I still get all excited. Since this guy was also seeing his girlfriend I thought it’s only fair for me to find someone else. Right back on pof I went. My current babe, he’s 24, dresses and acts like a gentleman, so perfect and funny and cute, just a lovely guy. One problem, he won’t put out. I’ve tried everything. Nothing. Do I feel bad I’m seeing two guys..a little.

This has only been a brief introduction to what I’ll be writing about, these last two months I’ve had so many embarrassing dating stories. I’ll do a post on it sometime. For now I’m gonna find a nice movie to watch on Netflix. My side dude is with his girlfriend tonight and I’m waiting for him to message me back. I’ve also tried one of them charcoal face masks, fucking painful, yet my skin is glowing.

Until next time.

Tay x


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