My 22 years on this planet.

so I’m turning 23 soon, and I thought I’d do a post of the best, and worst moments of my last 22 years.

15th of April 1994, a Chubby ginger baby was born. She grew up with a over protective mother and a father that left them. That was me. My mum put too much teething gel on my two front teeth when I was a tot, and that caused my baby teeth to grow black. That was a fun childhood. I was chubby, ginger, black teeth, wore glasses. I’m still the same, expect turn the black teeth into gabby teeth and the ginger to fake blonde.

School was a rough time for me, I didn’t really fit in, I wanted to do well, but I also wanted friends. I wasn’t one of the cool kids, I didn’t smoke near the drama block or go to many house parties. I stayed at home and wrote x files fan fiction. After school I went to collage to do a healthcare diploma. I was in a class of 6 girls.. we became close friends for two years. Nothing wild happened at college, nothing like skins, more like the inbetweeners ha.

my first job was a Waitess in a greasy cafe. I spend my weekends, dealing with old boat people, the cafe was on a marina, these people were the kind to wear pjs out and have no teeth. They also were the kind of people to not worry about personal hygiene, but for £45 a day I was just happy to be being paid. The story I remember most about this cafe was, I was left in charge of the front desk, and this lad came in, he was beautiful, not your typical boat person, more like a angel of the river, I still remember what he said to me “what’s the best thing to eat here?” Now, awkward 17 year old tayla, replied with “CAKE!” And sassy 22 year old tayla really wishes she should of said “me!” Anyways back to my story, I’m cutting this Zac Efron lookalike a slice of cake, my palms are sweating as I can see him looking at me, I  place it on a plate, and I pass it to him and say “it’s on the house.” He smiles and walks away and that’s the first time I’ve ever been in love, and the last time I ever seen that angel.

i worked the whole way through college to pay for driving lessons, it took my 4 times to pass my theory and 1 time to pass my practical. I’ve been driving for 5 years now and I still can’t do a hillstart. After the cafe, I was a office junior at a graphics company. I was a sticker fanatic, the company made stickers for water bottles or books, I knew my stickers and I became so boring. I got fired from that place for not taking stickers seriously.

After the office I started my career in care, care should be a post of its own. 5 years in the healthcare sector I have stories to make a whore blush. I’m currently a support worker, it’s alright, it pays the bills.

i had my first boyfriend at 19, this guy lets call him Toyota wanker, he worked at Toyota and he was a wanker. It was the most worldwind 4 months. Now this guy wasn’t my first, I lost my virginity to this spotty twat who worked at KFC and had a micro penis, no joke. He humped me under a photo of Jesus, and I felt disgusted and I also felt nothing. Anyways back to Toyota Wanker. He was so cool, so cool. He had his own house, own car, massive dick. Knew how to please me, all we did was watch films and fuck. Turns out i wasn’t the only girl he was watching films and fucking. Long story short, he now works in wales. My last relationship was the hardest break up ever. We was together three years nearly, he was my first love and still will be. We was so different, but it didn’t matter, I loved him with all my heart, I think I always will. He dumped me on a 14 hour shift. The next night he’s out in town with my best friend. I lost everything in that break up. I’m okay now. I got my brows on, my highlight on fleak and my contacts in.

I don’t know what else to say really, I think o covered the important things, work, love, driving.

until next time,

Tay x




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