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Nights out.

so it’s Friday, I’m off for the weekend..which only means one thing…GIRLS NIGHT!

Its rare I get weekends off in my job, it’s even rarer I go into town drinking, but hey ho, I’m in my “only young once” phase. This basically translates I can act like a total slag and get white girl wasted when ever I feel like it, and today’s payday, which means I brought cider and wine for pre drinks.

pre drinks, this means drinking enough alcohol as humanly possibale before heading off into town. Playing drinking games, getting ready, thinking were mini beyonces. Finally managing to convince my stepdad to give us a lift in to town.

right, we’re all ready, got our hair tousled enough, our fake eyelashes, contour and highlight on fleek all raring to go. First thigs first, shots. My choice is tequila, I love it and hate it, it’s gets me from jolly dancing to stripper who’s rents due tomorrow dancing. I’m not a good dancer by all means, I like to pretend I am. I’ve been compared to excited baby and bambi on ice when I dance, but after that 6th tequila shot, In my mind I’m in the pussycat dolls.

Town is packed with students, pissed 30 year olds and a few knobheads. I think the one thing I’m nervous about is bumping into my ex and my ex friends. Towns their scene, I have the scenarios in my head. When we first broke up, it was I see my ex, in a crowded club, with them friends…everyone’s eyes are on me, because I’m fleeky as fuck, he walks over to me, says “ive made a huge mistake” and we fuck in the toilets. The second scenario that I have, is a few weeks or so after our break up, where the love has turned to anger, where I see them in the night club, and beat the living lights out of them two bitches I used to think were my friends and slap the cunt who broke my heart, as a adult I know violence is never the answer. Right the third scenario I have is, I see him in the club, we both smile and then that’s it, no contact, no talking, no slapping, no fucking in the toilets, just a acknowledgement and that’s it. I like to think I’m a mature 22 year old, I know we all do stupid stuff when we’re angry. My stupid stuff I did was posting sassy memes and retaliating, when they cropped me out of pictures, I just blobbed their faces outta mine ha. I was childish, but I was hurt, I had lost the three people I loved most, but life goes on and I’ve got the people who helped me and loved me when I wasn’t looking.

Anyways back to town, my club of choice is ink, I love it..I live for dancing and strutting on the dance floor, I love having attention of the opposite sex, I love being grided against…I also love drinking vodka and redbull.

so it’s 3am and all I can think about is cheesy chips, stumbling to the takeaway, trying to read how much they are, with one eye shut because of my fake eyelashes going into my eye. I order my food and me and my friends sit on the street, heels off, leaning on each other. That’s usually the last thing I remember. I wake up the next day, feeling fresh as a daisy, it’s rare I get hangovers, I just have faint memories of the night before.

all I can say now is, I can’t wait for tonight!

until next time,

tay x



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