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Online Dating

My first experience with online dating was when I was 18. Then it was very embarrassing to admit you’d met online, nowdays it’s pretty much expected when relationships start.

ive met quite a few people from pof and tinder. Each time I tell them “oh I’ve never done this before.” Yet I have, I’m used to it now. The texting for a week before meeting, getting to know each other before you meet is good I think. I’m not the best looking gal, my personality is my winner. I like the idea of texting someone and just not being afraid to ask questions.

The first time I met someone of pof, we met in Tescos car park, he was gonna start his shift at KFC, and he wanted to meet..oh dear. I was in my little corsa, he pulled next to me in his punto, oh I was nervous. He got in my car and said “hey beautiful.” This was the guy i lost my virginity to, I’ve always been nervous with boys, like I’m the troll of my group of friends, I’m the one that the boys talk to, so they can meet my friends. So when that guy called me beautiful I was dripping in my draws. The night I lost my virginity, I told my mum I was at a friends house, techinally I was, yet my overprotective mother wasn’t happy at all..45 missed phone calls and 100 texts later my mum was going mad. “Where are you?” “Why aren’t you answering your phone?” My mother called the police to report me missing..what? I was getting some D and she calls the police. To be fair the D was awful, he had a micro penis and lasted 25 seconds…I feel sorry for his wife now. Bless her, guess she could settle for a little en.

The next guy I met online, I loved. My first love, now known as Toyota Wanker. We spoke all over Christmas and arranged to meet a couple of days before new year, he came to my house and I drove us to the marina for a nice walk (and make out session) he was really tall, smoked and just you know that song “I know you were trouble” by Taylor Swift, well that song describes our relationship so well. He was everything to me, and I was nothing to him. So far pof didn’t give me much luck.

Right now, I’ll talk about the one time meet ups. I met one at the uni grounds, he was dick, just yeah…thought he was something he wasn’t, talked about himself constantly. I met someone at a park and we walked round the ground, he looked exactly like Ed Sheehan and he was cute, when I got back he messaged that he wanted me to be his “domantrix” he got a block. I met a guy in town, he lived about 45 minutes away from me, he was sweet, caring, kind, just a general good guy, I was his first kiss. The 2nd time I met this guy, I fell out his car and broke my knee, well embarrassed, this guy told me he loved me the third time I met him and I was sleeping some lad, whilst seeing him. I’m just a fuck up really when it comes to love, I go for “bad guys” and wankers, and  I’m just a cunt to lovely guys. Like now I’m seeing this fantastic guy, who’s sweet, always messages back, family orinatated and I’m having fun with a side dude… I’m just a utter mess at life. I don’t deserve love or to be happy. I keep telling myself I’m young and I can have fun, but when does that stop? When will I grow up?

I met my ex online, he took me to the zoo, we had a perfect day. I still fucking love that bastard. I always will. You know that heartbreak that changes you, well this was mine. I thought I’d be with him forever, but three years was our forever. I will always look back on us and remember that happy times, but I think maybe I shouldn’t. I hurt him because I’m a bitch, a evil bitch that was angry and hurt and just mean. I hope he forgives me one day, highly doubtful.

Even though my Facebook says I’m in a relationship, my heart doesn’t. I’m not done having fun. I think this whirlwind of sex and fun and drinking, isn’t gonna wear off anytime soon. I went to town on Friday night..and I got off with a girl. That was new. I’m just a bad person right now.



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