That was a disaster.

MY last blog post was about me about to take back my ex.

Two weeks. Two weeks is all we lasted.

Never ever ever take back your ex, follow Taylor Swifts advice and tell them “we are never ever ever getting back together.” They never ever change.

This time I guarded my heart, didn’t expect anything to happen. He lived in Wales, I live in Nottingham. So it was mainly a phone call a day and texting. He was saying how much he loved me, how much he missed me. We was together three years ago.. and he was a cunt to me. He left me on read, wouldn’t reply to me for days and only want me when he wanted something. He told me he’d changed, he was a “better man” and he wanted “to be with me.” What a load of lies. What a cunt.

He came to Derby at the weekend, we’d arranged to meet up on the Saturday night. No plans to where or when, just a loose Saturday night. Saturday came around, no calls, no messages..nothing. I’m not being the girl again that waits for his call…I’m making plans, I’m not having another Saturday night sat at home waiting for him to call. Nope. 8 o’ clock he Snapchats me…”I’m done now, let’s meet!” I message back “sorry made plans, you didn’t talk to me all day..” message back… “you’ve changed.” That was it, I saw red. I’m finally over him, it’s took three years of wondering what could’ve happened..to realise…nope. It will never work out.

Ex’s don’t change, they just stay the same, the problems you had before, won’t go away, they’ll always be there. I’m lucky I guarded my heart this time.

Back on the online dating apps I go.


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