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Fake friends.

a lot of people say that work friends are not your friends, you just work together. How true is that saying right now?

Work has been rather shitty lately. A few girls that I work with are thinking that they’re rather ‘amazing’ and all shit like that. They are so pathetic.

Work has such a awful atmosphere, I go to work, get on well with two woman, both are mum like figures and then i go home. These girls are young, naive and believe in whatever is ‘cool’ at the moment.

One of these girls I used to be close with, we used to get on well, I did call her a friend at one point, that term has long gone.

Let me set the record straight, this is accusing me of coping her. Phahahahwhahahahahaha. Sorry I find that hilarious. 1. I have other friends that are into, what she’s into, a lot of people are. 2. I’ve suffered depression/self harm all my life, I came across this project for the semi colon tattoo, she got one, I told my friends about this project, to which they responded ‘let’s get one’ we found a cute end design, with a heart in the middle and you add a colon every 6 months, if you’re free from self harm. She was like “I had that before you!” Well dude, so have about 3000000 people. 3. I like make up, she likes make up, millions of people in this god damn world love make up, accused me of coping getting the same make up brushes! How the fuck am I supposed to know what cunting brushes she uses?! 4. Harry Potter make up brushes, need i say more, I love Harry Potter and I love make up…and so do 1000000 other people. 5. A mandala lotus tattoo is NOT the same as a geometric pattern flower thing, she’s is a little girl that needs to grow up, and learn the world doesn’t revolve around her.

Growing up i had bullies, I didn’t think I’d be feeling the same now as I did when I was a teen.

karma will come. Trust me on that.

peace. T xoxo



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