About Me

So, here i am writing a blog.

My names Tayla, I’m 23, and i’m going through a midlife crises.

This me.. I’m not the greatest at taking selfies, i don’t have a good angle.


I’m at that age where half my friends are getting married and having kids and then the other half of my friends are blackout drunk and waking up with chicken nuggets in their hair.

I’m currently dabbling in the tricky world of online dating and dealing with shitty ex’s. Now add in some depression and anxiety, and a dash of wank work life and add the issues that a normal 20 something is experiencing, sprinkle in some over controlling parents and you have my life.

I thought i’d put some of my stories into a blog as i need some clarification that its not just me experiencing these situations.

These are my stories.. (i sound like i should be an episode of law and order SVU, oh i wish i had an Olivia Benson in my life)